About This Release

NAJEEMS-FRONT (800 x 800)

This is the first physical release from Unjustified Records and its an absolute gem if i do say so myself! Coming from the mighty Najeem S we bring you 13 tracks of exquisitely produced atmospheric jungle. To save me rambling on you can read a review from GRINDTHIEVES and buy the album below if you enjoy what you hear.



”Grindthieves has been championing and supporting Unjustified Records (new website in the works) for a while now, no two ways about it. To be honest, we – representing our Bludclot Recordings netlabel – are, in fact, a little jealous. Unjustufied rose from relative obscurity to become one of the premier free netlabels for jungle and related sounds, as far as we are concerned. The label or someone on their roster has appeared on Grindthieves via eight separate posts in our current incarnation, which covers at least as many releases – and for good reason. Additionally, we’ve Tweeted and Facebook’d about them more than a handful of times on top of that. Delivering a fat stack of some of the more forward thinking junglistic & beyond beatsmiths and doing it all for free at a breakneck pace for quite some time, basically there is absolutely something for everyone into anything even loosely jungle related; all top quality, all free digitally. Fact.

Making the leap from free digital netlabel to any sort of physical media label is a hard venture, but Unjustified has gone ahead and taken that bull by the horns, as well. Releasing a full length CD from Najeem S, an artist they’d released digitally in the past & who is, arguably, not a superstar in the jungle game, takes a lot of faith. This is not to suggest that Najeem S should not be a superstar or is not a sort of underground champion in jungle/drum’n’bass, because that would be lying. That said, it’s obvious why Unjustified chose this album to use for the first plunge into physical releases.

Najeem S is a 20 year old dude from Russia, a place I have long heralded as the new musical frontier – especially in recent times. The thing that first strikes me about his work is the soul and veritable deepness within it, carrying far more weight and experience than a mere 20 years on the planet would lead one to think he should have. Hell, he’s only been alive as long as jungle music has been around! Truthfully, though, this full length – if nothing before it – shows a true heavyweight hitter when it comes to thinking mans jungle music.

Fresh for the floor feet and chin stroking massive alike, “Journey To Heaven” is 13 full fledged jungle songs. This isn’t tracky bass and breaks or choppage for the sake of it or over the top overly compressed hyper produced nonsense. These are thirteen unique, original, and full fledged musical movements within the jungle and drum’n’bass framework; something that many names who have been crafting sound in the genre(s) as long as Najeem S has been alive are still unable to accomplish.

Muma J, whoever that might be – we sure don’t know – appears on a couple of tracks with some absolutely beautiful and lush vocal workouts which Najeem S carves incredible percussion and low end material for, otherworldly and comfortable across a huge spectrum of musical style playlists. “Al’on (VIP Mix)” is on some forward thinking Good Looking styles. Tracks like “Freedom” and “Faithless” show true ruffneck prowess that nods its head respectfully toward all the oldschool choppage masters like Equinox, Paradox, and the like. The stand out track, not so suprisingly, though? “Journey To Heaven”, the title track from the album. “Kids who get high repeatedly don’t wanna come down”. Take it as a nod to the weed smokers out there or as some esoteric wink to spirituality, the title fits all the same.

“Journey To Heaven” from Najeem S is available to stream on the Unjustified Records Bandcamp page, where you can purchase the CD for the small sum of 4€ plus shipping. It, admittedly, took me a while to fork over the dough for the release – but like most awesome music, I felt a sincere and incredible sense of support and awesomeness knowing I’m supporting the cause and will soon have something to hold in my hands.”