Unjustified Compilation Vol.3

22nd Feb 2014




As it’s our 4th birthday we are giving you a little present. At long last we at Unjustified HQ proudly present to you our 3rd compilation! a lot of hard work and time has gone into this release and i thank every artists for all their time and effort and it clearly shows the calibre of the Unjustified family. Im not going to give an in depth review here as i think it kicks ass and im sure you don’t  want to hear me drivel on, just download it yourselves… its FREE!


Featuring Default, Junglefever, Specter Junglist, Tropmanga, Mighty Dreadnaut, El Richee, Freeze & Jamie Irie, Bazia, General Waste, Meecha, Babyshaker, Gore Tech, Meow Meow, Scrubber Fox, Tenebrae and Zw_an


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