Ninjah Fareye – Promised Land E.P


Ninjah Fareye steps up for number 22 delivering a choppy ass 4 track jungle e.p!


The opener ‘All night long’ starts off with a nice mellow hip hop inspired beat before dropping into the amen magic, this track is full of great vocal samples, horns, beats and bass. Track 2 Will remind you that summer is here, ‘Burnin Reggae’ coming at you with steppy rhythms, nice sample work and again coming full force when the track drops, instant dancefloor destroyer. ‘Foreign Style’ next with the sample that any self respecting junglist will recognise but Mr. Fareye has his own take on this classic piece with a bass so sweet its guaranteed to make your chest collapse. Finally ‘Promised Land’ closing the ep with a nice sample and tune and some more of his classic amen choppage and bass attacks.


As usual folks this is all FREE! please just spread the links on your facebook or any of the current popular ego massagers around and keep coming back =)


Download HERE