Najeem S – Journey to Heaven (Limited press CD)

11th Oct 2012


The long awaited first CD release from Unjustified Records is finally here! Najeem S brings you one hell of an album, this one is a journey as the title suggests. Imagine if ‘Future Sound Of London’ decided to start making Jungle, then you would be on the right tracks. There are 13 tracks of some amazingly atmospheric music here with a few stompers thrown in for good measure. buy from our bandcamp page HERE


Listen to the tracks here:



This release is strictly CD only (with a free immediate download when you purchase it) so get in there quick as its a limited press too! We are trying to keep with our ethos of keeping Unjustified Records non profit so i am selling this CD as cheap as i reasonably can, most of the cost is postage and goes towards everything that’s gone into making this album and once these sell out, we shall press our next album!